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Build your own mobile-centric application supporting the eCommerce model in order to render incredible facilities on the go to the end-users.

Our end-all e-commerce solutions cater to your business needs

The world wide web has come a long way indeed ever since its inception. From being a platform for instant messaging and music downloads to becoming a necessity of the modern world, the Internet is here to stay.

Nowadays, a lot of business is conducted on the Internet. More and more business owners are starting to realize the importance of marketing themselves and offering their products and services online as more and more people stay connected to the Internet. With an increase in overall screen time, having an e-commerce solution for your brand is critical.

To accommodate this ever-increasing trend of online shopping, Astro Bytes App has emerged with the ideal resources and tools to provide exceptional e-commerce solutions for your business.

E-commerce web and mobile app development solutions to enhance conversion and retention

We have the best and most exclusive e-commerce solutions for your brand. Whether it's an e-commerce solution for your website or your mobile application, Astro Bytes App has you covered! We monitor every activity on your e-commerce platform from when a visitor lands on your platform to the checkout stage. Our metrics allow us to analyze your platform's traffic and monitor how long an individual spends on a certain page.

All of this information enables us to better our e-commerce solutions for your brand.

mCommerce Market Analysis and Assessment

Mobile Commerce
App Development

Migration from
to mCommerce

mCommerce App

Mobile Wallet


mCommerce Market Analysis and Assessment

Mobile Commerce App Development

Migration from eCommerce to mCommerce

mCommerce App Design

Mobile Wallet Development

mCommerce banking

E-commerce features to help increase
organic customer potential

Our e-commerce solutions for mobile apps and websites have integrated features
to help reduce ghost visitors and turn them into actual buyers.

Store Locator

Your customers to find your outlets
from your e-commerce platform.

Click to Call

Add a calling feature that allows customers
to reach you with the push button.


Offer a numeric keyboard when customers need to enter numbers.

Strategic Product Placement

Place trending & popular items on the webpage to ensure maximum buying potential.


Mobile apps and websites both are user-friendly and easy to use.

Click & Collect

We enable customers to pick up items from retail outlets if they're low in stock.

Loyalty Programs

Unique loyalty programs to ensure customers stay loyal and keep buying.

Payment Gateways

Offer several payment gateways to ensure that a potential buyer is not lost.

Transforming e-Commerce with the future

Our clever e-commerce solutions are implemented to ensure the lowest customer
abandonment by offering features of the future.

Payment Gateway Integration

Several different payment gateways are integrated into your e-commerce platform (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) to ensure your customers always have a mode of payment.

Shipping Details Integration

Your e-commerce platform will also have shipping details integrated to enable your customers the option to track their delivery in real-time.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate social media with your e-commerce platform so that customers can avoid the hassle of registering a new account on your platform.

We help build interactive and user-friendly e-commerce platforms on both web and mobile to enable businesses more reachability with their customer base.

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